Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

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Breast surgery encompasses various types of procedures. Specifically, we will focus on breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reconstruction:

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

As the name suggests, this category focuses on increasing breast size. This outcome can usually be achieved through fat transfer, breast implants, or a combination of both. Within this category, there are several types of surgical interventions:

Primary Augmentation: This refers to the initial breast augmentation surgery with breast implants.

Secondary Augmentation (Revision Surgery): This means that the patient already has breast implants and wishes to replace them (many women opt for revision surgery to change the size, shape, brand, address a complication, or simply as a precautionary measure).

Breast Lift and Augmentation (Mastopexy and Augmentation)

Commonly known as a breast lift, this procedure involves lifting the nipple higher and removing excess skin, usually performed to counter tissue sagging. On its own, this procedure does not fall under the augmentation category. However, it is common for women to combine it with breast implants to achieve the youthful and full appearance they desire, termed augmentative mastopexy.

Breast Reconstruction

This category applies to surgeries focused on reshaping the breast after tissue loss or damage due to cancer, prophylactic mastectomy, or a severe breast anomaly preventing proper development. Similar to breast augmentation, breast reconstruction also divides into primary and secondary (revision) surgeries, referring to whether the patient has undergone prior surgery or not.

Breast Reconstruction with Implants: Fairly straightforward, this procedure uses a breast implant to reshape the breast. Autologous Reconstruction (with flap) means that tissue from another body part is transferred to the chest to aid breast shaping. Sometimes, this procedure is also performed using breast implants.

If you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, you should contact a plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation and better understand your situation.

Overview of the implants we use:

Two leading brands, Mentor and Motiva, are popular choices in the world of breast implants and our two options.


Mentor implants are available in various shapes, including round and teardrop, which are particularly favored. They also offer a wide range of sizes, from subtle enhancements to much more significant improvements. This flexibility allows for a custom-tailored fit for a variety of body types.


Motiva is renowned for offering implants in both round and unique ergonomic shapes. The ergonomic shape adapts to body movements, providing a natural appearance akin to actual breast tissue.

Motiva also boasts a wide range of sizes, ensuring there is something to meet the aesthetic goals of every individual.”