“If you notice dark spaces, shadows, or longer teeth in your front teeth and think it’s just a cosmetic issue, you’re mistaken! 

In these cases, we’re facing a periodontal disease, a gum disease that, if it worsens, can also affect the bone. The bone holds the tooth root in place, and the gum overlays this bone. 

Therefore, periodontal disease concerns not just the tooth itself but also the surrounding bone and gum that secure it. Since periodontitis is nearly asymptomatic until its advanced stages, and patients often dismiss symptoms as trivial, this disease is widespread. Only a specialist can recognize periodontal disease in its initial stages and provide effective therapy.

Factors exacerbating periodontitis include tartar and plaque, with the disease always starting as bacterial. It’s crucial not to allow large amounts of bacteria in the form of plaque, or worse, tartar, which creates a kind of seal under which bacteria can thrive without oxygen and are the most aggressive. Periodontitis is a chronic disease with a vital hereditary component. While the disease isn’t inherited, a specific type of saliva and environment predisposing to certain bacteria’s proliferation is inherited, akin to the skin or intestine. Keeping a low bacterial level is crucial. 

Neglecting the problem means condemning our teeth! Periodontal diseases are widespread in Italy, with about 70% of the population experiencing such issues, ranging from simple gingivitis to more complex periodontitis. To prevent periodontal diseases, it’s recommended that you visit your dentist at least once a year for a check-up. The dentists at Smile Dental Center are available to conduct your annual check-up.