“A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light!” 

Do you feel free to smile? Have you ever experienced moments where you felt awkward or insecure? Do you use your lips to conceal your insecurity? Have you ever wondered why?

You can change this condition! Turn to us, and we’ll restore the joy of smiling to you! Currently, everything related to beauty is gaining more ground. Today, we don’t just visit the dentist to maintain healthy teeth and prevent cavities; the aesthetic aspect of teeth is becoming increasingly relevant. Most patients no longer tolerate discolored, deteriorated, or misaligned teeth, and fortunately, today, we have the best techniques and means available to address these problems professionally. First and foremost, there’s teeth whitening, the most common treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whiteness is undoubtedly synonymous with health, youth, and beauty, no longer reserved solely for movie and fashion stars. Professional whitening corrects the hue of the enamel covering the teeth, thus lightening the color. After this service, the teeth will be noticeably brighter, but dietary colorants may alter the result over time, so keeping the teeth clean is crucial. Rigorous brushing and flossing slow down this process.

Dental Veneers

Whether made of composite material or ceramic, dental veneers provide a reliable and aesthetic solution to discoloration problems and correct misaligned teeth. They optimize dental tissue and offer all the advantages of ceramics, such as aesthetics and reliability.

For any aesthetic issue, trust Smile Dental Center. We’ll propose a treatment suitable for your case.”